June 2010

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I' m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Yesterday (Wednesday) was 75 degrees and sunny until the afternoon. Today started in the 40s and raining, then the temperature began to drop and it began to snow. Only in Texas! Our famous saying here is, "If you don't like the weather, just stick around because it will change!" The girls were very excited and we let them play outside in the snow for a little while. Yes, I know for those of you who are used to a lot of snow, it is no big deal, but for us Texans a few inches is a great big deal! So here's some pics and even a video later showing our White Christmas Eve and probably Christmas morning!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

We had a great time this year making Gingerbread (graham cracker) houses for Christmas. Of course, the best part was getting to eat them!

Cuties and Cookies and Thanksgiving

Since being back in Texas we have enjoyed going to new parks, enjoying Mommy's favorite ice cream shop (Milwaulkee Joe's rules!) and making turkey hand cookies for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was a bit different for me this year, as I had laparascopy surgery the day before Thanksgiving. I tried to help cut up some fruit for the fruit salad, but pretty much stayed in bed until it was time to eat. Then I was back in bed to recover. Hey, really I talked it over with my doctor and planned it that way so I could get out of the work. Just kidding! We are so thankful that everything went great with my surgery and they completely removed the paraovarian cyst with no damage to anything. I have made a full recovery and feel so much better! We are thankful for most of all God and His provision for our family and blessing us with two wonderful girls. We are also so thankful that our family has taken us back in and are helping us during this time of transition.

O What a Night!

For two fall fests! My parents' church and Shawn's parents' church both held a fall festival. The girls were so excited. Abigail dressed up like a princess and Hannah was Tinkerbelle. The candy was very appealing and some of the games, but the biggest attraction at both places were the horse rides!

Pumpkin Patch

In October we took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch over in Flower Mound. It was supposed to be a warmer day but ended up being quite chilly and dreary outside. It was very muddy, too. Because a lot of schools were taking their students out there, we didn't stay very long. But the girls got to play a little on the bounce house stuff and look around at the pumpkins and different characters.

Abigail Turns 4

We decided to celebrate a lot for our precious little-big girl! Perhaps we had guilty parent syndrome and felt bad because we had just left a place that had been familiar to Abigail where her friends were, who knows? I think we here just turning 4, she probably didn't know much different. But for her birthday, we took her to IHOP for breakfast and had smiley face pancakes, which were huge! Later that evening she got to go to Chuck E. Cheese's - where a kid can be a kid! I'm sorry, but that place stresses me out. I know it might be secure with the front door and checking numbers that are invisible, but it is so hard to keep up with both the girls! Shawn takes one and I take the other, but keeping up with moving targets can be difficult. Well, enough about that, the girls had a fabulous time. Hannah did not enjoy meeting Chuck E. We had a great evening and then a few days later celebrated with a party.

Abigail's 4th Birthday Party

Abigail had been talking about her 4th birthday ever since Hannah turned 2 in July. Abigail knew exactly what kind of cake - a princess cake. She went back and forth a little from pink to yellow, but finally chose Belle. Of course I wanted to make the cake. The Belle doll ended up being taller than expected, so I had to make it a four layer cake! So thankful it did not topple over! We had a wonderful time just being the fam for this bday. Abigail and Hannah were the guest princesses and after hamburgers, cake and presents, we danced the night away. I can't believe my precious first-born is already 4. Abigail, you are so special to Mommy and I love every minute of being with you and watching you grow. I pray that as you grow in years, you can also grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. I love you, my precious princess!

Back in Texas

I tried to get a picture of us crossing the state line, but with it being around 2:00 or so in the morning and breezing by at 65 mph, I didn't quite get the shot. Here are some of our first days back with some good ol' cows and horses around to welcome us.

Too Long

Yes, it has been way too long since I have sent out an update. So much has happened since the last entry. As many of you know, we have since moved to Texas (as of September 25). We don't have our own place yet, but we have enjoyed the time we have gotten to spend with family. We are making up for all the lost time we were away in Florida! The girls are doing great! Abigail had her 4th birthday shortly after we moved back. Hannah, as you will notice, is starting to lose that baby look in her face. (boo hoo for Mommy!) Shawn has been taking computer classes and is certified in A+, Network+, Security+, something else+ and is now working on his MCSE. That's a short abbreviation for a very important computer skill dealing with Microsoft Administration. Just a little over my head! I have been subbing back in my old district, Keller. I am hoping that a full time teaching position will open up someday. We have been visiting many different churches, as the Metroplex has changed and grown tremendously since we were last here. Okay, now onto the good stuff with pics!