June 2010

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Like My Sister

It is so cute to see how much Hannah wants to be like her big sister, even though she is just 14 months old! Today Hannah dug through Abigail's toy box and found a little plastic purple purse. (I guess I need to find my copy of the book Lilly's Purple Purse to read to the girls). I was in the kitchen, which is right next to the girls' rooms. Hannah comes out, so proud of herself, swinging the little purse on her arm. She paraded around the kitchen just babbling and then went to show Daddy what she had done. She also picked up some lip gloss which she has claimed as her own. I showed her how to put it in the purse and we also added some keys so she could be like sister. I tried to get a good picture of them together. Hannah kept trying to walk toward me, so I did the best I could!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trying to fill my shoes

Just some cute pics of the girls in our shoes. Once Abigail put on my shoes, Hannah had to join suite!

Pudding Painting Fun

Ethan has been staying with us on Mondays and I try to do at least one fun thing each time he is here. This past Monday, I had Abigail and Ethan paint with chocolate pudding. I actually got the idea from "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on TV. They were both so excited because they were getting to eat the "paint"! I had stripped them down so not to get clothes messy and I decided why not add a little fun in the mix and have them paint themselves?! Well, my neat freak, Abigail, did not like getting messy all over at first. But I tried to show her that it can be fun and I assured her that we would go take a bath after it was all over. She finally consented to a little and did have fun. Giving Ethan permission to paint himself was just peachy for him! I think he ended up a little bit more brown than the rest of us. Yes, I let them paint just my feet! I had them stay on the back porch while I started the bath water and came back out to find that Ethan was chasing Abigail with chocolatey hands and Abigail screaming just like a little girl! It was so cute.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Watch out world!

Here's a better video or my baby - no wait - that's toddler now moving right along. She likes to try to walk almost everywhere in the house.

I like to eat!

Hannah has proven not once but twice this week that she thinks she is ready for using her spoon and fork. One night the cable guy came out to set up our internet and I left the yogurt cup a little too close to Hannah (we were in the middle of dinner and Shawn was at church). When I came back, Hannah had the cup in one hand, the spoon upside down in the other and lots of pink yogurt all over her face. She wasn't about to give it back either! Then last night, as Shawn and I were getting the dinner plates to the table, Hannah decided to dig in before prayer and serve herself to the mashed potatoes! She looked like a she had a white gotee(spell?), well beard, but she loved it. I then brought her spoon to the table and showed her how to put it on. She wanted Mommy to place the food on the spoon, then she wanted to put it in her mouth. I couldn't leave big sister out. She wanted to show us how she could eat with her fork as well!

New House!

Last Wednesday we moved into our new home that was so far away - 2 blocks! We do really enjoy it, though. We really enjoy the flat driveway more than anything! We also have a screened porch on the back. Our new address is 703 Denise Drive (Crestview, FL 32536)