June 2010

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

These feet were made for walking...

Yep, Hannah has finally taken off! They past few days Hannah has been bravely taking a few steps here and there without help or cruising along furniture. Today she has been very brave and will stand up by herself and start walking. She only did it once for me this morning, but when Shawn came home for lunch, I guess she wanted to show off for her Daddy, so she was trying to walk at every opportunity. Watch out world, here she comes. The video is bit rough, but hopefully we will get some better shots later.

First Skating Party

Last week Abigail went to her first skating birthday party. The party was for Ethan and Carrie. They had skates that fit over the child's shoe. She wasn't so impressed with the skates, but did enjoy just being on the huge skate floor with all the flashing lights.