June 2010

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beach Day

We took the girls to the beach today. It was quite windy and the water was so chilly, but we had fun. Since Easter is behind us now, Shawn took off yesterday so we went to the park and then today we headed for the white sands and emerald water. We were going to stop in Fort Walton, base side, but the water looked very murky, so we headed for our fav spot, Henderson Beach State Park. It was nice because it was not very crowded. It did not feel very hot today which made it very nice. It was so windy that we did not put up the tent we borrowed. We got away later than we wanted this morning, but I think that was actually for the best so that the day could warm up a bit. We had lunch at the beach, although Hannah kept snacking for most of the morning as soon as we arrived! Abigail tried the water but decided the waves were a little big and also cold! Hannah would not go near the water (no surprise). We made sandcastles and Hannah made sure that we put the sand back (knocked them down). I found a huge hole someone had dug in the sand and we were all able to get inside at the same time. The girls had a great time playing inside that. Abigail found a ladybug that took her interest for at least half an hour. I was trying to reapply sunscreen and was a little too zealous and got some in my poor baby's eyes (Hannah) and then she put her sandy hands up to rub them and got sand in her eyes. She couldn't even open her right eye for a while, so I took her up to shower off and she did not like that. Then I had Shawn help me and we poured some bottle water in her eye to wash it out and that made everyone turn to see what in the world we were doing. Hannah then rested with her head on her shoulder. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she shook her head yes. Poor baby! I held her while Shawn packed up our gear. I then started off with Hannah in one arm, a lot of the beach gear in the other and keeping an eye on my curious preschooler toting her buckets behind me, still searching for shells. I can't help but remember the John Candy movie from the 80s where he and his family go to the beach. He is lugging all this gear and smashing into people as he goes. I always feel like that when we go to the beach. You have your towels, tent, food, extra clothes, chairs.....My arms were very thankful when we got to the car. I don't know why I don't look like a body builder yet with as much stuff as I carry - especially my 27 lb baby! After we loaded the car, I took the girls to change clothes and go potty and then we headed for home. We stopped by the store and got Hannah an eye wash solution (yep, made her cry again, what terrible parents!) After washing her eye and giving her some yummy treats, she was much happier and looked better. She did not fall asleep on the way home and entertained us quite a bit by being goofy while sister watched 101 Dalmations (Pongo movie). We made it home in time for a short nap. Sorry there are not more pics, the batteries quit in my camera. If you noticed there are no pics of me at the beach, on purpose!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, God

It has been raining. lightning and thundering all day long today. This morning the thunder was getting quite loud and Abigail was getting a little worried. Abigail knows that God sends the rain, so I told her that when it thundered God was reminding her that He is always with her and that He loves her. She went about her business and I went to the laundry room. Another loud clap of thunder sounded and she said, "Yes, God. What are You saying?" "OK" I guess she was having her own conversation. She later told God that she was coloring her pretty picture.

The Easter Song

This was the title of our musical that we sang on Good Friday. We also did part of it on Palm Sunday and then the last part on Easter Sunday. Here's a few pics of our stage and a few choir members. The last pic is of one of our choir members who wore his costume sandels with his nice suit. Only in Florida!

Coloring Eggs (Only 1 Day Late)

This weekend the time just got away from us when trying to color eggs. I had boiled the eggs on Saturday, so I decided that after Hannah went down for a nap, Abigail and I would color eggs. It was a great day because it has been raining all day and we needed things to do! Here's some pics

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter at Home

We did Easter baskets today since Sunday will be such a busy day and we have to be up very early! The girls got Easter baskets from both sets of grandparents. I went ahead and dressed them in their Easter dresses and bows.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to the church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Well, for our little ones it's more like "pick up all the egg you can" hunt. They make it easy for the little ones by placing lots of eggs all over one of the fields at the church. We heard some stories, played some games and then went inside for a video and snacks. We decided to leave early to go grab lunch and get the girls home for a nap (although Abigail sometimes forgets what that word means these days!) since they have had a long week with the musical. We will be able to relax a little after tomorrow!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Here's some pics of our garden. Abigail and Hannah love to "help" with it. We have potatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, bell peppers (green and red), tomatoes, sweet peas, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, cucumbers (not doing well) and hopefully soon we will have carrots and dill, watermelon and butternut squash coming up from seeds. There are already some tomatoes, bell peppers and peas starting on the plants! I am so excited.

Strawberry Pickin'

Today we were going to Akers of Strawberries in Baker for a birthday party, but the birthday boy got sick so the party was cancelled. I decided to take the girls to pick strawberries since they were geared up for it. This week and weekend coming up are going to be so busy with the Easter musical that I thought this would be a good chance for some fun. It has rained a lot here lately so the patch was still a little muddy and you had to search for some ripe strawberries, but we found some beauties! Can't wait to taste them. Actually, Hannah already had a head start when she tasted one out in the field! Just couldn't resist. After picking the strawberries we came inside to the little cafe and had delicious strawberry shortcake and a hot dog. I only got two bowls of the shortcake because I thought I would share with the girls, boy was I wrong! I got a couple of bites of Hannah's and I think Abigail would have stabbed me with her spoon if I kept trying to get a bite of hers! At least Hannah shared her hot dog with me. We had a good time. Maybe we will head out there again when it's time to pick peaches!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Here's Abigail "reading" one of her favorite stories.