June 2010

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

It has been raining all day today and all night last night, so it is very wet outside! Since we couldn't take the girls out, not even on the porch which was wet, we built a fort inside. I tried making one and Shawn came to my rescue and made a better one. He'll just have to move the furniture back into place! When I change the sheets on our bed, I try to make a fort for the girls to play in.

Little Gardners

The girls decided to put on my gardening hat and gloves the other day. They were so cute, I couldn't resist taking pictures!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Today I took Abigail to a tumbling class to try it out to see if she liked it. The owner/coach came out to help Abigail at the very beginning of class and then she also had another coach that stayed with her much of the time. The started out running around the mat to warm up and then did stretches. Then they taughte her how to do a bridge (with her back off the mat, using her feet and hands to hold herself up). They even worked on cartwheels with her and two types of rolls. I think she had a good time. Hannah wanted to get out there with big sister and do what she did. One day. The pictures didn't turn out very well because of the lighting.

I Caught You!

Two little sneaks were in my house the other day and I caught them hiding in the closet.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yes, I am 32!

It's hard to believe that I am 32 now. Time does fly. Shawn was so sweet and treated me like a queen for my birthday. He cleaned house, got me flowers and my favorite candy (gummy bears in case you were wondering) and my favorite soft drink (root beer, which I never buy because it's a treat). As if that was not enough he also gave me the newest Casting Crowns CD and to top that off he gave me a gift certificate to three hours of bliss at the new day spa in town (this was for Mother's Day, too!) I am very blessed with a wonderful family. We had a fabulous time at dinner. We went to a restaurant in Niceville called Boathouse Landing. We requested a table outside and the weather was perfect. Shawn even had the waitress bring me my favorite dessert, key lime pie. (In case you've noticed I've dropped all the hints of my favorite things so everyone reading this can remember for next year - just joking!) It was a wonderful day.


Last but not least, on the day before we left Nana and Papas we went to one of the neatest places for kids (and grownups if you really want a good workout). It's a new place called Boomerang's. It is basically all the big blow-up jump houses, slides and activity stations you could think of under one roof! They have a toddler section with a much smaller version and also a soft padded playroom. Abigail was a little concerned at first about going on the bigger ones. Some of them had tunnels you had to crawl through that were a little dark so she was scared a bit. I went through with her on a couple and that was all it took. She kept going back again and again to the same one until I showed her another one. A few she did on her own. I was so proud of her for trying new things! That's a big accomplishment for her. Hannah on the other hand was content in her toddler area. I took her with me on one of the bigger slides two times and she did not like either time. This was a shock because she is such a little monkey and loves to climb on everything and get into everything (new nickname - Tiny Tornado!). It was a blast and so great because we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves because the big kids were still in school. A great ending to a great trip. Thank you Nana and Papa for everything.

First Real Haircut

We took Abigail to a place called Cool Cuts 4 Kids. They have fire trucks and taxis to sit in for your haircut and a movie to watch. A great distraction for Abigail. I have trimmed her hair some, but I wanted it to be cut well by a professional this time. Not too much off, but it does look cute (of course, look who's little face is under that hair!) It was a fun time. Of course, Hannah wanted to sit in one of the cars, too.

Church Festival

Also during our visit with Nana and Papa we took the girls to a church festival. They had bounce houses and the usually games, like picking up ducks with numbes, throwing bean bags through the hole, etc. But this festival was very special for Abigail. They had ponies to ride! She was so excited that she rode twice. They also had a petting zoo. Hannah did not want to ride the pony and she wasn't sure about being in the same pen with so many animals. We also got to ride a fire truck wagon which was basically a tractor pulling a trailer that was decorated like a fire truck. But that was Hannah's highlight of the festival. Great fun!

The Zoo

During our visit with Nana and Papa we had some great fun. We went to the zoo one day and boy was it hot! Abigail's favorite animal was the giraffe and I think Hannah enjoyed the monkeys and apes. A lot of the animal's were taking naps or weren't out in the sun (maybe should have taken the hint frm them!). But I think they had a great time.