June 2010

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 2 Princess Aurora

Disney Day 2 Cinderella

Day 2 After Mickey

After the Mickey tragedy, we went for ride on the train over to Adventureland. We took the girls up the Family Robinson's Tree house (Shawn and I were quite tired after carrying them all the way up and down!) Then we looked around and took a lunch break by the Pirates of the Caribbean in a taco restaurant. After lunch we went on the Jungle boat ride, which Abigail didn't enjoy the whole trip. We went through a cave during a part of the ride and I finally remembered that at home, I tell Abigail that God is always with her and she calms down. So I started telling her that God was with her and she settled down a little bit, at least no more crying! After we got off the ride she was talking about the hippos and elephants she saw, she just didn't enjoy being on it! Since it had warmed up quite a bit, we took the girls for ice cream, which was a mess, but they were cute messes!

After ice cream we went to Tom Sawyer's island to explore. By this point, Hannah was definitely showing signs of being tired as you can see in the picture. We we put her back in her stroller after the island, she fell asleep and got about a 25 minute nap.

While Hannah slept, I took Abigail on the carousel again. We decided not to go on the Dumbo ride or other rides because we were concerned they would be too hot to sit inside.

We headed back over to ToonTown for Abigail to get her face painted and to meet the princesses one last time. Shawn stood in line with Hannah while Abigail and I got her face painted.

Abigail chose the Pluto puppy for her face. We met the princesses again and then called Mimi and BeBob to come pick us up. As we headed to the main gate, we were stopped due to the afternoon parade. We arrived just in time and got to see the characters and of course, more princesses on floats! It was a great ending out our Disney trip.

It was a good experience for us and we want to go back. Thank you Mimi and BeBob.

Disney Day 2 Tea Cup Ride

If you can stand it - here's the teacup ride video.

Disney Day 2

We decided to get up very early because we heard the Monorail left at 8 a.m. to go to the Magic Kingdom. So we got up two very sleepy girls, drove through McDonald's for breakfast and had Mimi and BeBob drop us off close to the gate. We got inside and found out that only resort guests could go in at 8:00 and we had to wait until 8:45. But, we were the first at the gate, which actually made us a little scared. There were so many people behind us and the Disney worked kind of got everyone so excited we were afraid that we were going to be trampled. There were adults running to get to the monorail and just going nuts. Thankfully, we made it just fine. The girls were a little cranky which was understandable. We planned to go to Toontown to be there to see Cinderella and Mickey first thing, but found out that it did not open until 10! So we did some of the other rides while waiting. We then went to see Mickey which didn't turn out so well as both girls were scared. Abigail wouldn't even take a picture!

Disney Day One Dinner Video

During our dinner time on Tuesday, we were in a cafe that had an alien playing the piano and singing and the girls had some great down time and enjoyed a little dancing and playing.

Disney Vacation Day 1

The only downside to our Disney trip was that we didn't have enough time. The first day (Tuesday) we walked into the park with masses of other people. Our first stop was to try to make it back to the characters - especially Cinderella. The first two we saw were Tigger and Pooh. The girls wanted to see them until we got up to take our pictures with them and then they were a little shy and scared, I guess because they are so big. After that we headed to Toontown and walked through Minnie's house, then we found where the princesses were waiting. It was about a 45 minute wait, but we made it through and it was worth it just to see Abigail see Cinderella for the first time. Hannah was actually interested in Belle and Aurora (in pink).

After the princesses we looked around the gift shop where they were located. Abigail picked out a My Little Pony and a Pluto doll. Hannah wasn't so sure what she wanted yet, so we waited. We did get her a pair of ears. Then we walked around some more - it is amazing how much time everything takes! I think if we get to go back it will be in the off season when there are not as much people so we can enjoy some of the things more. We decided to take a lunch break off campus and then put the girls down for a nap. Did I say nap? Oh, I meant more play time bouncing on beds and in a crib and no nap for anyone. Well, after an hour of playtime in the dark of the hotel room, we went back to the Magic Kingdom. On the way back Hannah fell asleep in the car within five minutes and stayed asleep through about 20 minutes of walking through Magic Kingdom. We took Abigail and Hannah to the Philhar Magic 3D show, but only lasted about 2 minutes since Abigail thought the instruments were really being thrown at her. We had to leave the theatre. After that we went on the Winnie the Pooh ride and she got scared when we were in the dark for a little of the ride. We didn't have a choice but to stay on that ride, though. Since she had been scared, we decided riding the horses on the carousel was best and she and Hannah loved it!

Shawn and I took Abigail on the Dumbo flying elephant ride while Mimi and BeBob waited with Hannah and she got to go on the carousel again. I think Hannah was a little upset with being left behind, but we were afraid that she would not like the elephant ride (which proved to be true when we rode on it again later this day, never know until you try it!)

In Toontown they had an area for little kids to play in a miniature covered playground, so we gave the girls a little break and they loved playing over there. Right next door was Donald's boat which proved to be quite wet, but the girls loved playing in the water. We took them to the bathroom for a change of clothes and then more rides. Abigail wanted to do the tea cups, so we took the whole family and rode. The girls loved it! Abigail laughed the whole time.

As the night approached we decided to stay for fireworks. It was beautiful right over the castle. We actually were in the back of the castle. Both girls were thrilled with the beautiful fireworks. After the late night it was time to head back to the hotel, which both girls fell asleep on the car ride back and stayed asleep in the positions we put them in until the morning!