June 2010

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Singing

Abigail had her second time to sing in church this past Sunday evening, December 14. She did much better than last time. I have to admit, I did resort to bribery. Mr. Joe had given Abigail a piece of candy before church. I told her she couldn't eat it until after she sang. I encouraged her to stand nicely and try to sing and she did! I think it was more than just the candy keeping her there. Well, I have tried to download the performance video, but one was too big to post and the other was taking forever to load, so I will show the pics and try again tomorrow.

Sister Love

As the girls keep growing, they seem to grow to love each other more and play with each other more. Today, as I was getting lunch ready, I realized they weren't around me and Seth and I went searching. I found Hannah trying to sit on Abigail and both were just giggling! Then Hannah laid down and gave Abigail a hug. It was so sweet. This is not the first time Hannah has tried to sit on someone. She loves when Shawn and I are in on the floor to come and sit on us. Many times she has even tried to sit on Shawn's head! Silly girl. I also have to include my little nurturing Hannah, trying to make sure that Seth has his pacifier.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Early Christmas

When Mimi and Baba came for Thanksgiving, they brought an early Christmas present for the girls, their first real swingset. All the adults got to spend the week putting it together. It looks great and the girls enjoy playing on it outside. Hannah loves to slide and is already trying to climb the ladder by herself. I stand behind her, but really she does all the climbing. Abigail loves the seesaw swing (I guess that's what you call it). She is still trying to get the hang of making the yellow bar push and pull to make it go, but for now likes for me to push her. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to keep an eye on both girls at the same time. I keep trying to swing with Hannah on my lap but she doesn't enjoy swinging. I guess she can't move around enough.

Me, too!

Hannah likes to do everything that big sister does, including using the little potty seat. She has gone in to their bathroom many times trying to sit on the potty (with clothes on). There was one time that I took her diaper off and she did actually potty! Well, I had to capture her curiosity on camera because as you know, Abigail got her picture taken when she went potty for the first time. The picture of her laying down is actually Hannah not wanting to leave the bathroom.

Oops! A lost Thanksgiving moment

I was looking over my pictures from my camera when I came across these photos from Thanksgiving. I had to include them because it shows Shawn helping in the kitchen! I have to tease him because this is not his usually territory, except when the dinner bell rings. He is helping Abigail make haystacks. We opted for sprinkles instead of M&M's. She got a little carried away with some.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Booboo Baby Again

My little adventurer, Hannah, had another close call on Saturday. We had been decorating the sanctuary at the church and the girls were with me. I had to go upstairs to the soundbooth to create our slides for Sunday morning and I brought the girls with me, shut the doors and put on a video. I thought Hannah was watching the video (I should have known better, my little wiggle-worm!) but she wanted to come up the one step to see Mommy. Well, she missed the step and hit on her left eye and found the sharp edge of something sticking out by the step. I remember praying to God that night thanking Him for sparing her eye! God is good. Here's the pics of my booboo baby. And yes, she was smiling even a few minutes after falling!

10th Anniversary Carnival

Abigail and Hannah's doctor had a special 10th Anniversary carnival this past Saturday. It was a lot of fun. There was a clown and many different animals, cotton candy (my favorite, too!), a band, jump houses, face painting, crafts and free books. It started out sunny, but the wind began to blow and clouds moved in, so we didn't stay too long outside. I think the girls enjoyed it. The animals were both their favorites.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Third Song

Second Song

Our Little Star Singer/Director/Sitter

Tonight was Abigail's first time to sing in big church. Well, maybe sing is a very strong word when it comes to a preschooler in front of everyone at church. The kids did great in practice. Abigail did sing during practice, but during the actual service, well, you can watch the videos and see for yourself! The songs are Sing Praise, When I Pray and God is Always with Me. W

My Little BooBoo Baby

Our little busy bee got her first big booboo yesterday. She was walking around the house with my water bottle and she tripped and fell and hit her high chair. She did shed many tears, but after about 2 minutes was okay. She got upset that I wanted to put the cold booboo monkey on her and keep her still. How dare Mommy want to make sit for a spell! Then today at church, the nursery buzzed me on the pager because Hannah had fallen in her class and hit her head. So she now has a bump and scractch below her right eye and a bump on her head on the right side. Poor baby!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Fest Part 4

After the slide we went to the FBC site just down the block in search of food! We ended up getting pizza for Hannah and nachos for Abigail. While we sitting at a table in the gym, they had puppet shows doing movements to songs and other skits. Abigail was in awe. She did eat, though, which we were grateful. We didn't have to keep reminding her. Hannah off course, ate most of the piece of pizza we were supposed to share! That's my good eater! Not only did Abigail get to see a puppet show for the first time, but she and Hannah got to try cotton candy for the first time, too! We had a group of volunteers that sat down beside us at the table and I think the girls kept them quite entertained. I had taken Abigail to the restroom and when I came back, Shawn had Hannah on the table and she was dancing to the puppet music and putting on her own show they had several admirers.

We finished out the night by playing the games they had in the parking lot at FBC and the other slide I had metioned earlier. We had a wonderful time with our family tonight. We changed Hannah into her jammies, but her pacifier had broke, so she was quite upset most of the way home. Both of them went right to sleep once in their beds. Yeah!

Pumpkin Fest Part 3

The slide! There were two bounce house structures that we saw after filling out bags with candy. I thought Abigail might want to go inside the castle one, but no, she had her sights set on the big slide! We waited in line, had her shoes off and ready to go. There was another boy from our church that was actually in front of us and he and Abigail were going to go together, as was my plan. But once up there, Abigail didn't want to go unless I went with her. So I took my shoes off and someone graciously let me back in line. I slowly trekked up the rock climb like stairs with Abigail tightly wrapped around me and we made it to the top. Once at the top, I tried to slide down, but I just kept bouncing. She enjoyed it anyway. Later in the evening, at the FBC site, they had another slide and Daddy took her down this one, much to my relief.

Pumpkin Fest Part 2

One of Abigail's biggest moments of the night was going through two sections of Trunk or Treat. We did this right after the pumpkins and we were so glad because the people started to line up very quickly after we went through. Abigail was shy at first, but then got the hang of it and came out of her shell and went right up to get a piece of candy. A couple of people started handing Hannah candy, too and she quickly caught on as well. She would hold out her little hand from the stroller and people would just coo and give her what she wanted! It helps to be so cute. Yes, we did dress Abigail in her Clifford costume. I debated since we don't want the girls growing up celebrating Halloween, but after Shawn and I talked, we decided it would be okay. Abigail loves being Clifford at home and many people commented on her outfit which made her light up.

Pumpkin Fest - Part 1 Pumpkins

Tonight we took the girls down to Niceville for the Pumpkin Fest. First United Methodist of Niceville and First Baptist join together (one block of each other) to put on a joint Trunk or Treat/Fall Fest. They have had a pumpkin patch for the whole month of October, so we stopped to take a look at all the pumpkins first and to snap some fall photos. Yes, Abigail does have her finger in her nose in one photo!