June 2010

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend Getaway

The weekend after our anniversay (we didn't go on our anniversary, May 22, because it was Memorial Day Weekend) we went to Destin. Our great friends, Bob and Amy, watched the girls overnight and Shawn and I had two fabulous days in Destin. It was nice to take our time, not follow any schedule and just relax. We got to stay at the Embassy Suites in Destin along Miramar Beach. We had a beautiful view because we were on the top floor of the hotel. The beach was just a walk across the street. We tried some new restaurants that were delicious and even got to hold an alligator (you will have to come to our house to see that picture!) We also went snorkeling and saw many beautiful fish and found a hermit crab. Enjoy the beautiful pics. Maybe next time Shawn will talk me into going parasailing. I almost did it, but not quite brave enough yet. Yes, it was really funny because he was describing it to me and said that the parasail can take you up 20, 40 or 60 feet. I was thinking to myself that I think I could handle the 20 feet and maybe the 40 feet, that's not so bad. Well, we went to a restaurant that had several brochures of attractions in Destin and I found one on parasailing. I brought it back to the table and was reading it to Shawn and went into shock when it said not 20, 40, 60 but rather 200, 400, 600 feet! Well, I still have to do some thinking about that!

Sweet Sisters

Just had to show off how sweet my two girls are becoming! Many times I will turn around in the back and they are holding hands. We were on our way to a birthday party dressed in princess outfits when I turned around to find them being so loving. Hannah cannot go to bed without hugging and kissing sister and many times Abigail will be the one to help calm Hannah down when she is crying. So special! I pray they can always be this sweet with one another.

Little Singer

I guess since I have started to sing in church that Abigail has seen me use the microphone and she wanted to have one of her own. I made my best attempt and used a small soccer ball, empty toilet paper roll, black paper and foil. Here she is singing to one of her favorite CDs, Laurie Berkner band.