June 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jesus Loves Me in Concert

Little Hannah loves to be the center of attention. We had the family over for Labor Day (all the aunts/uncles, cousins, etc.). Hannah had been a little jumping bean and we were trying to think of things to help her settle down some, so we suggested she sing for everyone. She was glad to lift her litle voice to the Lord! It is so precious to hear children sing!

My Little Entomoleogist

Yes, Abigail is my bug scientist! We were at a friend's house when Abigail discovered a caterpillar. She wanted to bring it home and since she has a bug cage, we decided it would be okay. After the caterpillar had been there only one night, it already transformmed into the chrsalis (cocoon to her). We waited only a few short weeks before it turned into a beautiful butterfly. She was so excited! She had been checking on her cocoon every morning just hoping one day she would find a butterfly and she finally did. The hard part came when I had to convince her that she really needed to let it go so that it would have a better chance of surviving. She relunctly let it go, but was excited to watch it fly off. The butterfly even flew back towards us about 10 minutes later, almost as if to say thank you!

Time for School

Abigail and Hannah are attending Discovery School this year. It is a Christian preschool that they attend 3 days a week. I am very excited about the program for both girls. Since we have to get up before the crack of dawn, we took the girls' first day school pics the night before.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Swim Photos

Little Swimmers

This summer Mimi gave the girls swim lessons at Saginaw City Pool area. I was a little nervous about Hannah at first, because last year she did not like the water at all. I knew Abigail would be like a fish in water and she did not disappoint me! Hannah was a little shy the first day of lessons, but I think her sister encouraged her being in the same class and she loved it! The hardest part was reminding the girls to wait their turn with the instructor when swimming of jumping in the pool! Abigail was constantly going underwater and having so much fun.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Carnival Time

In April, Northwood Church in Keller hosted a spring carnival. We were a little surprised by the price of things, but we did let the girls ride a few rides. They had an absolute blast. Abigail rode the big ferris wheel with her daddy (mommy is not crazy about big rides). Hannah wanted to ride with Sissy on all the rides and was content to let Abigail ride in the front each time.

Springtime Cuties

The girls enjoy riding their motorized car (they call it the motorcycle) they got for Christmas from Mimi and BeBob. There are many days that pretend to be hunting bugs (especially Abigail). They are so cute riding together.