June 2010

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What does this animal say?

Hannah might not be talking that much but she likes to tell Mommy her animal sounds. Here's a video of her saying the sounds of different animals.


Just some cute pics of the girls enjoying some banana popsicles.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Red Alligator Named Rhana

Abigail has quite the imagination these days. I find her many times talking to her "friends". She strikes up conversations in the car, her room, anywhere these days. Tonight she let Shawn and I know that she has a new pet alligator. He is red and he is a small alligator that is even smaller than Hannah. He has lost his tail and has a band-aid and he even bit Abigail, which was not very nice. This talk about the alligator traveled from the dinner table to the bathtub. That is where I found out the alligator's name is Rhana. Such a colorful imagination! Sometimes it seems that she is trying to fit everything from her day into one character.

Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. Shawn and I celebrated on Friday night by going out to the Wild Olive restaurant thanks to a choir/orchestra gift from Christmas. Shawn was very sweet and got me red roses with lilies (I had to give the lilies away because they were giving me a headache, I was so sad they were beautiful!) Shawn brought the girls balloons and small hearts of candy. On Saturday we celebrated what grandparents had sent to the girls. Abigail thought everything was so cute. That's her word she likes to use when she likes something.