June 2010

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Third Song

Second Song

Our Little Star Singer/Director/Sitter

Tonight was Abigail's first time to sing in big church. Well, maybe sing is a very strong word when it comes to a preschooler in front of everyone at church. The kids did great in practice. Abigail did sing during practice, but during the actual service, well, you can watch the videos and see for yourself! The songs are Sing Praise, When I Pray and God is Always with Me. W

My Little BooBoo Baby

Our little busy bee got her first big booboo yesterday. She was walking around the house with my water bottle and she tripped and fell and hit her high chair. She did shed many tears, but after about 2 minutes was okay. She got upset that I wanted to put the cold booboo monkey on her and keep her still. How dare Mommy want to make sit for a spell! Then today at church, the nursery buzzed me on the pager because Hannah had fallen in her class and hit her head. So she now has a bump and scractch below her right eye and a bump on her head on the right side. Poor baby!