June 2010

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yum, Yum

At Hannah's 4 month check-up the doctor recommended starting her on cereal. She didn't know what to think about it at first, but now she really enjoys her cereal time! She makes all sorts of happy noises and of course, a mess.

Watch out Picasso!

We had so much fun today using the new easel that Mimi and Baba gave Abigail. We had used the easel a little when they were here for a visit over Thanksgiving. We let her draw with her crayons on paper and also use chalk on the blackboard. Today, I braved the paints! Abigail is quite the little artist and painted the day away (not to mention the floor, her paint shirt, her face, hands, and Mommy's clothes as well!)

I Got It!

One of Hannah's favorite things is to play with her rattle. She is really able to grasp it now. The first time she held onto it was October 31.

Bath Time

Hannah is not quite like her sister at bathtime. She stays quite still in the tub and does not move around much. She does like to look at herself in the mirror for the time being, though.


This year for Thanksgiving, Mimi and Baba came to visit us from Texas. We had a wonderful time. Abigail helped Mommy make a pecan pie. That was the sweetest pecan pie I have ever had! Hannah was the cutest turkey. Her sister's outfit was a little short on her.