June 2010

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Best Kind of Snake

Just wanted to show the best kind of snake that appeared on our driveway after church Wednesday - dead! Well in my opinion at least that's the best to me, unless it's behind glass and not at my house! I did a double take at the snake and quickly rushed the girls by it until I could make sure it was dead. As you might can see it has red, black and yellow. So here's a science review lesson for you - "red and yellow (touching bands) kill a fellow, red and black friend to Jack." Well, this was a friend and turned out to be a scarlet kingsnake (of course I had to look it up!) Shawn was not happy thinking there might be more in our yard, so we called out our local yard man (thanks Blair!) to handle our weedy overgrown back yard.

Beauty and the Beast

On Saturday, I took Abigail to met Beauty and the Beast down at Harborwalk in Destin. Belle was in her blue dress and although Mommy was a little disappointed because I thought she would wear her yellow, Abigail was still so excited to be able to meet her and the beast. She was not frightened at all! Mommy and Abigail had a great afternoon just the two of us. They had crafts set up for the children to make, so after meeting the cast we made out way to the crafts. Abigail made a princess crown (what do you call one of those pointy princess hats?), a necklace and then a photo frame. We then went to have a cookie and smoothie together. It was great fun!

Presenting Your Royal Highnesses

Monday, July 20, 2009

Texas Trip and Hannah's Birthday

For our vacation this year, we went to Texas in July. We got to spend time with both our parents and also celebrated Hannah's birthday in Texas this year! It was a lot of fun and it was great to celebrate with friends and family in Texas. The girls got to have an ice cream cone (they've had ice cream just not in a cone before) for the first time. Hannah had a "Funky Monkey" birthday this year for her 2nd birthday. Her orange monkey is one of the stuffed animals she likes to carry around with her. Ruth helped make the banana cake and I decorated the cake (I love making cakes for the girls in different themes!) We had hot dogs and cake at my parents and then we went to Boomerang's and bounced around after the party at the house.


Here's two buddies together.

Reading Together

Abigail has always been a child who loves books. She can sit down for hours and look at books (and TV!). Hannah has been the busy little bee zooming around everywhere but she has started to really like books. Today, I caught the two of them sharing a book together and Abigail was sharing with little sister what she thought was going on in the book.

Swim Time in the Little Pool

Fun in the sun although the pool was a little bit cool.


In our garden we planted sunflowers for Abigail. They were so pretty when they were in bloom. And of course, the girls make them look even better!

Abigail singing at VBS 2009

VBS 2009 - Hannah

Just some pics of Hannah enjoying her Boomerang Express class with Miss Audra.

VBS 2009 - Abigail

The last week in June we had our VBS at church - Boomerang Express. This was the first year that Abigail got to rotate to my class - Preschool Choir. On Friday Abigail also got to sing on stage for the 3 songs that the preschool choir performed. It was a great week.