June 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Little Entomoleogist

Yes, Abigail is my bug scientist! We were at a friend's house when Abigail discovered a caterpillar. She wanted to bring it home and since she has a bug cage, we decided it would be okay. After the caterpillar had been there only one night, it already transformmed into the chrsalis (cocoon to her). We waited only a few short weeks before it turned into a beautiful butterfly. She was so excited! She had been checking on her cocoon every morning just hoping one day she would find a butterfly and she finally did. The hard part came when I had to convince her that she really needed to let it go so that it would have a better chance of surviving. She relunctly let it go, but was excited to watch it fly off. The butterfly even flew back towards us about 10 minutes later, almost as if to say thank you!

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